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“Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them.” ― Lemony Snicket

Cemetery Girl

Cemetery Girl - David J.  Bell As someone who loves reading about kidnappings and disappearance I was obviously drawn to this book because of what it offered.


I feel like this book was written so poorly. The protagonist is just horrible. I tried to have sympathy for his because his daughter was gone and he seemed to love her, but as I moved forward he was just too annoying and self-absorbed. WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU EVEN PRETEND TO GIVE YOUR DAUGHTER BACK TO THE MAN WHO KIDNAPPED AND RAPED HER.

His returned daughter was almost just as bad. I really wanted to like her and possibly feel some sort of connection because she’d been through such a horrible thing but it was impossible. I get that she had Stockholm syndrome or something but she was so unlikeable and irritating. In fact, basically all the characters were unlikeable in their own right.
Except for the dog. Speaking of the dog what are the chance that a couple who’d just adopted a dog from the shelter are going to just randomly give the dog to strangers? They had no proof that Frosty was their dog. That part was pretty laughable. Especially since it was supposed to be so heartwarming.

Basically, this book wasn’t worth it. The characters are irritating, unlikeable, and flat overall. Don’t bother with it.
I only read this whole book because I hate starting a book and leaving it unfinished. I want the time I wasted on this book back.