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“Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them.” ― Lemony Snicket
Little Black Lies - Sandra Block

*Received through Goodreads First Reads*

Did anyone else figure out the big twist way before it was actually revealed? All of those clues.

Despite the fact that I figured out the twist before I was meant to I still really loved this book. A new favorite for sure. It was well written and I loved all of the characters. It was amazing how everything tied together— the author definitely thought it through and explained everything very well.

Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell

Oh, my god.
I have never felt so connect to a character as I have with Eleanor.
I saw so much of myself and my life in her— it was almost surreal.

I’ve only ever heard good things about Eleanor & Park and yet, I had very low expectations when I started reading it. I was wrong. So, so, so wrong. I devoured this book. I couldn’t put it down until after I had read every single word. I didn’t want it to end. I want to reread it over and over.


Crank - Ellen Hopkins Crank isn’t the first novel by Ellen Hopkins that I’ve read so I was already aware of her poetic free verse way of writing. I actually really enjoyed the other two or three books that I’ve read by her, but I didn’t enjoy this one as much. I think I would’ve preferred to have a read this book in a more traditional prose format simply because I feel like it would’ve been more detailed and influential.

Besides the writing style Crank was full of clichés and cheesy writing. I didn’t think it was a powerful book as so many others have said. Honestly, if I didn’t already have the other two books in this trilogy I most likely wouldn’t have bother to get them after reading this. Since I already have them I’ll probably read them eventually, but not anytime soon.

The Leftovers

The Leftovers - Tom Perrotta The premise for The Leftovers was a definite attention grabber. Who wouldn't want to read a book about a supposed rapture? I desperately wanted to know what happened to those left behind— how would they cope. Apparently in various stereotypical ways: cults, drugs, running away, pretending everything is as normal as it ever was, etc. They all seemed plausible to me just not unique; even with Holy Wayne and the Guilty Remnant. All I could think was, Of course cults are going to pop up. Of course people are going to want to make things how they were before.

As bizarre as this book could have been... it simply wasn't. In a way it felt like I was just reading a suburban family novel. Not something that's as peculiar as the rapture. There wasn't any attention grabbing, holy-shit-what-just-happened action or dramatic, gut-wrenching, cry-your-eyes-out scenes. It was very unremarkable. Even when the G.R members start being murdered it was uneventful.

There were a lot of different ways that this book could have went especially since we were given many different characters. Yet, everything seemed ordinary and monotonous. I felt like the characters never really changed or grew from who they were in the beginning.

I really wanted to love The Leftovers, but it’s just one of those books where you love the premise and everything that it could have been only to be let down by the story itself.

The Walking Dead, Issue #136

The Walking Dead, Issue #136 - Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, Cliff Rathburn It's been calm for far too long and something drastic is about to happen.
Carl can't die! Maggie can't die!


SIDENOTE: I love how much Carl has matured

The Road

The Road - Cormac McCarthy The Road is a dark and uniquely written tale of survival.

It kept my attention throughout even though it did get slightly tedious in some parts. It’s nothing more than a man trying to survive with his son in a world that has no structure left. Without a doubt The Road is a depressing story to read, but it’s also one that leaves you thinking when it’s over.


Trigger - Susan Vaught I really enjoyed this book. I only wish that the “WHY” factor was explored more; we were given a bunch of “maybe reasons” as to why Jersey tried to kill himself (like the girl, something with the house, etc.). However, we never learned what exactly happened before Jersey lost his memory as a result of the suicide attempt.

White Oleander

White Oleander - Janet Fitch I'm completely angry at myself for leaving this book unread and on a shelf for as long as I did.

White Oleander is one of the most unique and beautifully written books that I've come across.


Push - Sapphire When I randomly grabbed this book off my bookshelf and decided to read it I knew a little of what to expect since I watched the movie when it came out. I’ve had the book for a while, I just hadn’t read it until now.

To be honest, I'm having a hard time reviewing this book. I liked a few aspects of it but hated so many others. It's a pretty short read, but since it’s narrated by Precious it uses her manner of speaking. She’s illiterate so it’s difficult to get used to, especially in the beginning. Later on in the story she learned about reading and writing so the narration becomes more understandable.

Its content is sometimes hard to stomach. Mostly because of all the abuse Precious endures. The thing I hated most about this book was the author’s choice to make it so Precious talked about how she actually liked the feeling of being raped by her father. That just somehow made it so much worse.

I don’t think I’ll ever read this book again. Once is more than enough.

Lighting the World

Lighting the World - Merle Drown ***I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review***

I was so excited to receive this book since the synopsis instantly grabbed my attention. However, for some reason I had a hard time getting into it. I kept picking it up, reading a few pages and then putting it back down; which is rare occurrence for me. Since I really wanted to love this book I pushed through. I felt so much sympathy for Wade’s character. He was living a sad, demeaning life and he desperately wanted something better. He also wanted to make Maria’s life better along the way— because of the synopsis I thought the book was going to be about Wade and Maria running away from their families and the law after Wade takes a gun to school to pick her up. However, it wasn’t that at all.

I completely agree with the other reviewer about how the reader doesn’t necessarily get to know Wade on a deeper level. It’s easy to feel sympathy for Wade, but you never get a real sense of connection.


They - Vincent Hobbes This story was short and has a definite creepy vibe. I just wish that the creatures or whatever called THEY in the story were given more details and not just repeatedly called they.

It's probably supposed to add to the "fear of the unknown" factor or something like that but it didn't work for me.

Kellie's Diary #1

Kellie's Diary #1 - Angeline Perkins, Thomas  Jenner A zombie apocalypse story written in the view of a 9-year-old caught my attention and I wanted to read it immediately.

I didn't mind the journal format it was written in. Although I feel like it would've been more engaging and less boring if it was written in 3rd person or even 1st person without the journal. Just so that the reader feels more emotion and gets more detail than what a 9-year-old writes in her journal.

The story is pretty short so the reader wasn't given that much. I'll probably read the second part and see if I like it any better since a story about a child in the zombie apocalypse is a perspective that we rarely see.

Overall, it was just okay. Not that interesting once you've read it, but I'm willing to give the second part of the story a try.

Where There's Smoke: A Short Story

Where There's Smoke: A Short Story - Jodi Picoult 0/5 STARS

To be honest, I mainly downloaded this short story on my kindle because I shared the same name as the main character; something that has basically never happened before.

I didn’t have any huge expectations for this story but I was still disappointed. I feel like nothing happened that was significant. A psychic falls from grace, but there was no meaning behind it. The story left me with no feelings except for meh. That’s the only way I know how to describe it. I wasn’t overcome with any real feelings. Just meh.

I feel like it could’ve had potential but there just needed to be more. It wasn’t captivating or interesting. Readers weren’t given anything to connect to.

Right Behind You

Right Behind You - Gail Giles For the most part I liked this book and the characters. The story was intriguing and I thought it was well written. One of the problems I had with this book was that it contains little blurbs from Sam that show up with no warning; I think they were supposed to add dimension to the story but they were just distracting. Another problem was the ending left unanswered questions. I don't hate open-endings but I wanted more out of this book.

Papap's Teeth

Papap's Teeth - Danielle DeVor It was a nice short story but not creepy at all.

Dark Places (Mass Market): A Novel

Dark Places (Mass Market): A Novel - Gillian Flynn Dark Places is the first novel by Gillian Flynn I've read and I must say that I loved it. The story was complex and creepy; it was hard for me to put it down. I didn't want to stop reading until I knew for sure what exactly happened that led to the deaths of a normal family. I know a lot of people said that the character of Libby Day was unlikeable but I couldn't help but like her! She had so many issues; she was rude, selfish, careless, and so many other things but I was rooting for her from the start. I wanted her to find out what really happened that night as badly as I wanted to know for myself. The fact that I couldn't figure out how the book was going to end was amazing since a lot of times I can at least semi-guess how something will end.

I also loved how we were given different perspectives. One from Libby in present time, one from Patty (the mother) on the day of and before the murders, and then Ben (the brother/ suspected murderer) also in the past. These different perspectives helped clear up all the loose ends and made the ending feel complete.

I can't wait to get the rest of Gillian Flynn’s books because one just isn't enough for me.